Education in Uganda is not free and many children can’t afford going to school. We have created an education sponsorship program to provide access to education for the children in need.

How much will it cost?

There are two options for sponsorship, depending on how much it is possible for the sponsor to donate.

The first payment will be a little bigger as addition to the first term fee we will also need to buy the school requirements for the child to start their school year. After the first payment the sponsor will continue with monthly payments that you can see down below.



We have tried to send all our children to a private boarding school as it provides better education while also making sure that our children are safe and well taken care of.

The school fee, class requierments, boarding requierments and holiday study program fee all add up to 84 euros per month.

PS. If you are able to only sponsor HALF OF THE FEE (41 EUR per month) – write to us and we will find a co-host to split the fees with!


If the fees for boarding school exceed your budget – we have a slightly more affordable option. It does not offer the children a place to stay, removing the need for boarding requierments.

The school fees, class reuquierments and holiday study program fee all add up to 55 euros per month. 

PS. We can only offer this option to children who have the daily school in walking-distance. Write to us to find out more.

If you feel the call to support someone with their education – write to us. We can find out together which option works best for you. 
CURRENTLY we are also looking for sponsors to children who have already started their school journey, but have lost their sponsor along the way. That mean there is no need for the first bigger payment – You can start with the monthly payment only.

There are currently 18 children waiting to go to school.

Below you can see all our children who have found a sponsor and are already happily studying!

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