Christmas visit to the community

Every child has value, and should be treated as such. That is why we took it upon ourselves to take a last minute to trip our community to be there in time for Christmas.

With less than 3 weeks preparation, we travelled around 10,000 miles with over 100 kilos of luggage, including books, presents, and a bell tent, to give the children the best Christmas possible.

Picking and wrapping presents for 36 children isn’t easy, but we managed it, and seeing the joy on their faces made it all worthwhile.

Everybody chipped in (including the children) to prepare the food, cooking all day over a number of open fires with large pots. In total, we fed around 200 people from the local community, with many taking food home.

An impromptu flowering braiding workshop made for a fun activity and opportunity to bond with the children, and saw us adopting a papaya for our Christmas tree.

After dinner, we decided to organize a small gift hunt, scattered gifts with nametags under the papaya trees, and the children got to find their personalized gift. Among the presents there were games, dresses, balls, and even bicycles, and the children were very happy with their special day!